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Prepositional Phrases - At, By, For and To (2)

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You were wondering if you could have a cutting from my jade plant? ..... all means, take a few. You are welcome to take at least three or four.


Let's go to a different kind of restaurant tonight ..... a change. Perhaps a Thai restaurant?


In America and Canada, ..... law, you are entitled to the right of free speech.


I have another caller on the other line. Can you hold on ..... a moment please? I'll be right back to talk to you about this.


My brother is in the Navy and he is coming home on leave in a week. He has been out ..... sea for more than six months now and I miss him.


My husband, ..... a distance, looks like George Clooney. However, when one gets closer, he or she can tell it is only a slight resemblance.


I know you don't want to volunteer this Saturday. However, it is ..... a good cause. Because of your efforts on Saturday, some homeless people will have food and a place to sleep.


I just found out my friend has lung cancer. It is another reminder to live life ..... the fullest. We don't know how much time we have so we should make the most of every day we are granted.


If you know anyone who needs anything built, I am ..... hire. I can build houses, sheds, decks etc.


After being forced to recite the Soldiers' Creed in the army for six months, I now know it ..... heart. I definitely have it committed to memory now and forever, I'm sure.

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