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Prepositional Phrases - At, By, For and To (5)

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..... first glance, I thought it was Phil. However, upon further inspection, I realized that it was his son, Phillip junior.


When you are a firefighter, you have to be able to respond ..... a moment's notice because emergencies are not planned and fast reaction time is a matter of life and death in this profession.


You shouldn't hit your classmate. You did it ..... no good reason and that's why I'm so disappointed in you.


He did what he had to do ..... his staff. He saved all of their jobs.


You could have told me where you were going, ..... the very least. I was so worried about you. I am your mother and I want to know what's going on at all times.


I didn't do it on purpose. I broke the vase ..... accident. I'm so sorry. I will replace it.


I don't have a lot of tools ..... hand right now but I'm going home soon so I can pick up the necessary tools to do the job.


The project is ..... a standstill right now because we have to raise more money in order to continue. We ran out of money so we can't do anything until we obtain more funding.


We operate ..... appointment only. We don't take any walk-ins at this clinic. So, I can try to fit you in this week sometime if you like.


..... no means am I saying that you are at fault. I'm just saying that we all have to be more careful when dealing with customer complaints.

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