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Prepositional Phrases - At, By, For and To (6)

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I never meant to take you ..... granted. I really appreciate everything you do. I will surely tell you that more often.


He goes ..... the name of Moose most of the time but his real name is Mark. I think Moose is a childhood nickname that stuck.


Do it ..... the sake of your family. They need you to be healthy so you should quit smoking for them.


I sent the package ..... air because I want it to get there faster than surface mail delivery.


I did it ..... love. I didn't want to move but I won't be happy if I'm not with my husband. So, that's why I'm here.


..... this day, I don't know why she hates Kristen so much. I think they had a fight many years ago and Roberta can sure hold a grudge.


We need this department to increase production ..... a rate of 20% more than the previous standard.


..... Chris' dismay, the trip was cancelled due to bad weather and extreme fog conditions. He cannot reschedule because he only has so many holidays this year. So, he will have to postpone his trip plans until next year.


Look at those children ..... play. They are so cute and look like they are having so much fun when they get along.


..... present, we can't afford to give anyone a raise. But, keep up the good work and, hopefully, we will be able to increase your pay next year.

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