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Prepositional Phrases - At, By, For and To (7)

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I want to be here because I like my life and this city. ..... the same time, I want to travel and explore new lands. I don't know what to do.


Stanley is ..... the mercy of the judge now. He is waiting to hear his sentence. I hope the judge goes easy on him because it's his first offence.


We have to avoid the media ..... all costs. We don't want anyone to find out about the production line problem. We'll just recall the products and keep the reason a secret.


Tim is ..... an advantage because his father is the boss. He doesn't have to work as hard to get promoted. Tim's father wants to see him succeed and will just continue to promote him based on that fact.


I called you ..... mistake. I meant to call my mother but I dialed your number instead. I'm sorry. I'll talk to you later.


He pled guilty to the murder charge ..... reason of mental defect. If he is convicted of this charge, he won't go to jail. Instead, he will spend the rest of this life in a mental institution.


He won't talk back to the boss ..... fear of getting fired. The boss doesn't like it when anyone disagrees with him.


You're right ..... an extent. You haven't thought about the big picture. So, really, you're only half right.


The team took over the prison camp ..... force. They tried to negotiate in the beginning but there's no reasoning with people like that.


..... all accounts, you should have been fired. But, I wanted to give you another chance. So, stop complaining and do your job before I lose my patience!

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