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Prepositional Phrases - At, By, For and To (8)

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"I want everyone to be quiet ..... once!" the teacher yelled when she walked into a very loud classroom.


My wife is ..... odds with my mother. They don't get along and always argue about everything.


We are adding a new healthcare policy to our current health plan ..... the benefit of our workers. We want everyone who works here to be healthy and to have the best healthcare plan out there.


Our neighbor is ..... large right now. The police are looking for him because he is a suspect in three murders.


..... this day, I have no idea what made him snap. He just got really angry one day and beat up his co-worker.


You have to take him ..... face value. There is no hidden agenda and he is not trying to pull the wool over your eyes.


Paul hit that man ..... good reason. That guy was trying to steal Paul's suitcase in the airport!


..... my astonishment, I won the lottery last week. I never buy lottery tickets but I did that day and I won!


I want to go camping with you, ..... sure. I won't change my mind, I promise.


I want to pay for this ..... check. Do you accept checks with a valid driver's licence?

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