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Pronoun Agreement (2)

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Neither the merchants nor the shoppers knew how the recession was going to affect ..... budgets.


CDs are less expensive now than they were two years ago; ..... initial price was $30.


Ralph is going to buy a new car today. However, ..... wife doesn't think it's a good idea.


Christina's mother is in the hospital. On the other hand, ..... father doesn't have any serious health issues right now.


My classmates and I are going to work on ..... group project tonight. It's due on the fourth!


Kendall and Kira have three children. ..... main priority is to raise the children in a loving environment.


My mother doesn't like to share ..... recipes with anyone; she won't even give them to me. She says they are very old recipes passed down from my grandmother.


Nobody knows what Mr. Jacob's plans are for the future. He won't share ..... ideas with anyone in the office.


The Redwood National Forest in California is very beautiful and unique. ..... trees are very old and are some of the largest varieties in the world.


Everybody should try to do ..... best on the exam.

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