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Where, Why, What, When and How (1)

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Man: ..... are you leaving? Woman: I leave at 6 am tomorrow morning.


Man: ..... are you crying? Woman: I'm sad. I got fired today.


Man: ..... are you going tomorrow? Woman: I'm going to Paris tomorrow.


Man: ..... did you finish that task so quickly? Woman: I'm very organized so that I can do things in an efficient manner.


Woman: ..... is my briefcase? Man: It's right here on the chair.


Man: ..... did he leave so quickly? Woman: He left because he was angry.


Man: If we don't bring a map, ..... will we know where to go? Woman: I just bought a GPS system and that will tell us where to go.


Man: ..... are you going to bring to the potluck dinner? Woman: I'm going to bring my taco surprise dish.


Man: ..... did he write those awful things about Joe? Woman: He wrote them because they are true and he has to report the facts; he's a reporter.


Man: ..... could you do this to me? Woman: I'm sorry. I have to think about the company and you aren't doing a good job. I have to let you go.

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