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Where, Why, What, When and How (2)

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..... do you want to go for the holidays? We can go to Canada or we can stay here and celebrate with your family. It's up to you.


Woman: ..... is he scheduled to arrive? Man: He said he would be here by now.


I really like computer games. ..... don't you come over and we can play them together.


Woman: ..... did you do with all of your books? Man: I gave most of them away when I moved.


Woman: ..... are you bringing an umbrella? It's bright and sunny right now. Man: The weather channel predicted rain this afternoon.


Student 1: ..... did you finish the test so quickly? It was so difficult. Student 2: Well, I studied really hard this past week so it was quite easy for me.


..... don't you like your present? I thought that's what you asked for this year. You're never happy with anything I buy for you!


..... were you all night? I didn't know where you were and I was really worried about you.


..... is the library? I want to borrow some books over the break.


..... is your mother? Is she feeling any better now?

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