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Where, Why, What, When and How (3)

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..... did you say to him? He's very upset!


..... on Earth could you afford to buy that mansion in such a beautiful neighborhood? I thought we made the same amount of money and I can't afford anything like that.


That will be $50. ..... would you like to pay for this? We take cash, Visa or Mastercard?


I don't understand ..... you see in him. He's rude and he is not nice to you at all.


I don't know ..... you think you are going! You are grounded and you're not allowed to leave this house for one week.


Can you help me look for my keys? I don't know ..... I did with them.


..... on Earth is this all about? I left for two hours and now you're really upset. Did something happen while I was gone?


..... happened? You look very depressed. Is everything OK?


..... are you going to come home? I miss you! I hope to see you soon.


Can you tell me ..... the post office is located? I've been walking around for an hour and I can't find it.

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