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Where, Why, What, When and How (4)

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I don't understand ..... someone would do this. They broke into my house and vandalized everything. It doesn't make any sense.


You sound very upset. ..... don't you come over and we'll talk about it.


..... are you doing here? You are supposed to be in London right now.


..... you said you needed a change, I didn't think you meant such a drastic one. Are you sure you want to move to another country right now?


Let me know ..... you're going to the store. I have some things that I want you to pick up for me.


..... are we supposed to fix this mess in just a few, short hours? There isn't enough time to fix this.


..... did you give her a Christmas present this year? I thought you guys had a falling out.


..... do you want to go to Michigan for your honeymoon? It's really cold at this time of year.


..... are your reasons for leaving? I thought you liked it here.


..... are you going to get there: by plane or by car?

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