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Rewriting Sentences (1)

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You should be more careful or you might fall and hurt yourself. You might fall and hurt yourself ..... you're not careful.


Why don't you tell me what really happened? If I ..... you, I would tell the truth about what really happened.


There aren't many apples left in the basket. There are only a ..... apples left in the basket.


I was expecting more people at this party. There aren't as ..... people as I expected at this party.


I haven't gone to the coast for years. It's been a long time ..... I visited the coast.


There are a lot of students in this classroom. They ..... a lot of students in this classroom.


I prefer coffee to tea. I like coffee ..... than I like tea.


She's been very unhappy ..... her divorce. She got really depressed after her divorce.


If I don't walk the dog, she gets restless. The dog gets bored and agitated ..... I don't take her for a walk.


I jog every morning, so I am able to stay in shape. I am able to stay in shape ..... I jog every morning.

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