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Simple, Complex, Compound, Compound-Complex 1

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The entrepreneur made his first sale today.


Before you meet with the shareholders, you need to make sure you have the financial report ready.


The C.E.O. and the President prepared a presentation and pitched a group of investors who came from Germany.


The company will be running a promotion and it will be advertise it through an email marketing campaign.


Although the company had many clients, the expenses were very high, and thus, the profits did not meet the projections.


The company is preparing to launch a new marketing campaign.


Although Direct Marketing is not the only way that the company advertises, it is their main form of advertising.


The business owner needs to increase her revenues, but she does not have the resources to invest in marketing.


When he needed more capital, the young entrepreneur prepared a business plan and presented it to investors all over the world.


The accountant sent the invoice to the client via email after the work order was fulfilled.

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