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Simple, Complex, Compound, Compound-Complex 2

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While the sales team made phone calls, the marketing team had a meeting and the development team kept working silently.


Since the company needed to generate more sales, the marketing specialist suggested an e-commerce platform to sell their products online.


While some of their ideas were good, they still had no proper way to monetize the platform.


The manufacturing company had to explore better, cheaper supply-chains.


The company executives and the board of directors are having their annual shareholder meeting on Monday.


Since there are major issues within the company, the board of directors met in order to review the corporate management policies.


After years of hemorrhaging cash, the board of directors voted and the business filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


The public company releases their operating profit/loss report each fiscal year.


The young professionals founded an online marketing business, but they could not agree on common business practices or how to split the equity.


Since our business becomes privy to a lot of confidential information including trade secrets and proprietary systems, it is necessary to sign a non-disclosure agreement with each client.

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