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Simple, Complex, Compound, Compound-Complex 5

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The compliance officer reviewed the company policies and met with the managers so that the company complied with all regulations.


They knew their business was in an advantageous position in the market because they had completed a S.W.A.T. analysis.


Although he preached that their company sells on value, the new salesman did not do this as he was not properly trained or experienced.


The articles of incorporation had been written but when the newly-elected board member stopped at the lawyer’s, he forgot to drop off the documents.


The third-party auditor found a discrepancy in the company’s books.


When Sergey Brin and Larry Page started their business, they had no idea that it would become a global leader in the industry.


There is absolutely no brand loyalty in the education industry.


The business owner had no credit; but this didn’t matter because cashflow is king.


The intern had three years of business, sales, and marketing education yet the business owner made her package products in the warehouse.


Since he is not a founder, he will not be promoted to an executive position until he can learn to respect the chain of command.

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