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Simple, Complex, Compound, Compound-Complex 6

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Please finish the cash flow projections report and chart and leave it on my desk.


Since they lost one channel of distribution, they need to find another one.


The startup company cannot pay a base salary so the salesman will be paid commission only.


Clara, who is the Founder, CEO, President, and Secretary, is going to an entrepreneurship and networking retreat this weekend.


We will first discuss our cost and then we will explain the consumer price.


After the convention was over, Dean had secured not one, but two, purchase agreements.


The investors wanted to see the contract of purchase that Dean had secured, but he could not produce it because he did not have it yet.


Until my small business exceeds $50,000 in revenues, I will not incorporate; for, it saves me lots of money.


The cut-throat C.E.O. had plans to acquire the successful startup and make it a daughter company of one of his current parent companies, but the deal went south.


The owner of the startup cannot pay himself nor can he repay his investors, so they arranged a debt-equity swap.

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