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Simple, Complex, Compound, Compound-Complex 7

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Unless the overhead can be reduced, the business model will not be successful.


It is wise to diversify revenue streams even though your business operates within a vertical market.


The massive and successful enterprise recently launched an e-commerce platform.


Abigail, who had lots of experience, was promoted to Executive Director even though she did not have traditional qualifications; and then she relocated to oversee operations in the Dubai office.


The board unanimously agreed to fire the accountant when they found out he was embezzling money.


The director, while happy with the numbers so far, demanded a report detailing the fixed costs as well as the fixed assets of the company; it was urgent.


Customers can pay for the product upfront or they can sign a fixed-term contract.


Until he learns to build rapport with people, he will never make a sale nor will he gain any prospects.


The web-based business helps subscribers trade stocks on the foreign exchange market.


Though the business model was good, the overhead costs were so high that it would not be profitable.

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