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Simple, Complex, Compound, Compound-Complex 8

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Dropshipping is big business these days.


The model is similar to a multi-level marketing company but it is not the same.


She does not know how to calculate the customer acquisition cost, yet her company is growing quickly because she is an excellent saleswoman.


Until you’ve created a business model that proves to be replicable, it should not be turned into a franchise.


There are no government regulations in this industry, for it is a free market.


After the scope of work was drawn up, agreed to, and signed, the client and account manager reviewed the project timeline outlined in a gantt chart, and then kickstarted the project.


Crowdfunding is one way to raise capital.


One of the biggest challenges in sales is getting to and beyond the gatekeeper.


After John claimed to be a business guru, his equity partners were concerned when he couldn’t even calculate the company’s gross profit margin.


The company’s CPA put together a detailed report outlining liabilities and assets.

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