Basic Electronics

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Electronics is the study and utilization of systems that function by guiding electron flow in ..... such as semiconductors.

  • 2

    Designing and building electronic circuits to solve ..... problems is the mandate of electronics engineering.

  • 3

    Research into innovative semiconductor technology and applications is considered a ..... of physics.

  • 4

    Electronic circuits are mainly used to control, process and distribute information, and for the ..... and distribution of electric power.

  • 5

    These two purposes rely on the creation and detection of electromagnetic ..... and electrical currents.

  • 6

    The rapid modern advancement of electronics began in ..... with the introduction of the radio.

  • 7

    There are three divisions to an electronics system, an example of which is a television ......

  • 8

    First, the input is a broadcast signal either received by its antenna or ..... in through a cable.

  • 9

    Second, processing circuits inside the TV ..... the brightness, colour and audio data from this signal.

  • 10

    Third and last, its output apparatus, a cathode ray tube, changes the electronic signals into a ..... image on its screen.

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