Bear Stearns

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Bear Stearns is the second-largest US ..... brokerage firm, and as a part of its business, hedge funds could use their stock holdings to borrow money from BS and then redeploy it in the market.

  • 2

    The Capital ..... Allowance in the Economic Analysis Bureau's National Income and Product Accounts measures the capital depreciation in the economy in the course of a stated period, normally one year.

  • 3

    A cheap ..... loan is basically a personal loan that runs at a lower rate of repayment; part of the borrower's assets are taken as collateral in order to ensure that s/he pays back the loaned sum, especially if s/he has a questionable credit history.

  • 4

    The investor called her broker and asked whether he had any negative information about Zenaida; after a few minutes' delay and a glance at Standard & Poor's ..... sheet on Zenaida, her broker told her there was none, so she ordered 100 shares of Zenaida stock.

  • 5

    Today, Peak Properties Inc announced that it has agreed to ..... placement of 2.1 million shares of its common stock with certain advisory clients of American Products, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, at $24.63 a share.

  • 6

    A rate-..... loan is a fixed-rate mortgage with a provision which permits the borrower to lower the interest rate if there is a decline in market rates; however, this provision can be invoked only once during the life of the mortgage.

  • 7

    The purpose of an informed consent or ..... form is to advise participants of the foreseen or unforeseen risks of the activity and to ensure that the s/he understands these risks and agrees to assume responsibility for them.

  • 8

    Exchange rate fluctuations affect the USD equivalent of the pound sterling price of British Telecommunications ordinary shares on the London Stock Exchange and are therefore likely to affect the market price of its American ..... Shares on the New York Stock Exchange.

  • 9

    The value of a convertible bond results from three components: the value of a ..... bond with the same principal and interest, the conversion value of a convertible bond, and time value.

  • 10

    A ..... mortgage is a mortgage loan packaged for resale to Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae on the secondary market; not only do such loans have very competitive interest rates, they also have very stringent qualifying criteria.

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