Bite, Bit, Bitten

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    She certainly won't invest in that company again having lost a fortune - it's a case of once bitten twice ......
  • 2
    He may seem very angry but don't worry his ..... is worse than his bite.
  • 3
    They were so angry with me they practically bit my ..... off.
  • 4
    I think he'll succeed but it's a lot of work and sometimes he feels he's bitten off more than he can ......
  • 5
    In view of the way things have improved I now feel confident enough to have another bite at the ......
  • 6
    I'm very sorry to tell you that your scheme has failed and it has well and truly bitten the ......
  • 7
    It must have come as a great shock to get the sack but I'm afraid you'll just have to accept it and bite the ......
  • 8
    I can't believe that he's turning against his own parents - it's like biting the hand that ..... you.
  • 9
    My advice to you is to resist saying anything at the moment and simply bite your ......
  • 10
    I know she would really like to say exactly what she feels but I believe she should bite her ......

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