Business buzzwords: A 'Non-institution'

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    The ..... Club has remained strictly informal; it is the voluntary gathering of creditor countries willing to treat in a co-ordinated way the debt due to them by the developing countries, and can be described as a 'non-institution'.

  • 2

    Arthur Levitt, the chairman of the SEC, says that Lebed seems to have mastered an age-old Wall Street swindle called the .....: buy, lie and sell high.

  • 3

    There are tens of thousands of desktop Java applications for all kinds of specialized tasks and specialized people; what we're not seeing from Java is just one gigantically successful, widely used, everyone has just got to have it, ..... application.

  • 4

    The drop in the stock market might have investors feeling sick, but they have yet to reach the '..... point', according to A. Gary Shilling, attributing the queasy phrase to Dennis Gartman, a Suffolk, Va., investment analyst.

  • 5

    The franc gained nearly 100 points against the greenback and 60 points against the euro in tonight's Asian and European sessions, and news that European drug maker Merck was buying Zug-based Serono for 13 Billion also helped the ......

  • 6

    The ..... box is used by many by wirehouses as a way to share information about potential orders to people on the sales desk, but all of that information is supposed to be proprietary and, for the most part, not to be shared with anyone outside the firm.

  • 7

    It doesn't matter if demand is falsely created by a hedge fund taking the ..... (buying large amounts of a single stock to drain a market maker of its inventory, forcing them to buy it back at a higher price): demand is demand and that is what drives markets higher.

  • 8

    The Finance Ministry's monetary policy as a whole meets the market expectations: it is more of a guidance note laced with moral ..... rather than a regulator's prescription full of quantitative measures.

  • 9

    Valencia-based MannKind has estimated an ..... price of between $13.00 and $15.00 per share in an IPO filing with the SEC; for 5.5M shares of stock, it is expected to raise up to $94.8M for the company.

  • 10

    Cardiac Science argues that the real revenue generator in its line isn't the monitoring system, but the disposable electrodes which make the monitoring possible - the classic ..... model applied to medical devices; "Ultimately, we're a disposable defibrillator electrode company," says Cohen, and Powerheart becomes simply a vehicle to sell electrodes.

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