Business Buzzwords: A Rounding Bottom

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Traders like the rounding bottom in ..... stock pattern because it can be an indication of a positive market reversal, meaning expectations are gradually shifting from bearish to bullish.

  • 2

    Given the very limited number of buyers for such a large block, Gates would be in a weak bargaining position; he might have to sell the stock diffusely in the market or accept a ..... price for the block, but in either scenario, he would not achieve full value for his block of shares.

  • 3

    Less than a year ago, Gary B. Pruitt, the head of the McClatchy Company, was hailed as the ..... knight of newspapers; while others saw the industry headed for the dinosaur graveyard, Mr. Pruitt rode in to buy the Knight Ridder papers, or some of them anyway.

  • 4

    The American democracy has been stolen by a new class of ..... barons, the CEOs of our big corporations: a political system dependent on charity from rich men in hand-tailored suits with $100 million retirement packages is no democracy; it is a kleptocracy and is not what our founding fathers envisioned.

  • 5

    When starting for the first time, should you invest all your money at once, or ..... feed it into your portfolio? - one study shows that anyone investing a lump sum in one go would have done better up till now than someone making regular staged payments because the capital would have had longer to grow.

  • 6

    As suggested by Michaely and Womack (1999), analysts may commit to provide a ..... shot by increasing the strength of their recommendation in the face of an unfavorable market response to the IPO.

  • 7

    Government regulations prevent tips from ....., like corporate executives and board members, for the purpose of profiting off virtually guaranteed changes in a stock's price once the news hits the street; anyone with decent insider information is prevented from profiting from it on the open market.

  • 8

    In the early 1990s, Anglamark was the first organic alternative in all food categories, covering 80% of products, and this gave Coop a ..... advantage, but not for very long - because some competitors complied with the minimum environmental requirements only, they were soon able to offer products at lower prices.

  • 9

    ..... spread is a position consisting of a combination of put options and call options that collectively create commissions so high that it is almost impossible to turn a profit regardless of which direction the underlier moves; the term originates from the idea of the spread 'eating the investor alive'.

  • 10

    Nick Kochan, investigative reporter, describes techniques used by the launderers, such as '.....', where large sums of money are broken up into small amounts that can be deposited into banking systems without arousing suspicion.

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