Business Buzzwords: Competitive Advantage

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    An important theme of research related to the industry ..... is that strategies for achieving competitive advantage differ depending on the stage: firms compete primarily on alternative product designs and positioning early in the history of an industry, whereas cost becomes a more important basis of competition in later stages.

  • 2

    Yahoo! and MSN are both good examples of ..... because both have sites in different languages specifically targeted at the people of several countries.

  • 3

    It appeared that Old Mutual had fallen prey to a bear ....., where short sellers had entered the market for Old Mutual shares and had closed out their positions early this week; Poole said, "The market reacted very badly to our announcement, and we take losing 10 % of our price seriously."

  • 4

    "An obsession with wealth has led to ..... epidemic", says Oliver James, "the virus is a set of values which increase our vulnerability to psychological distress, placing a high value on acquiring money and possessions, looking good in the eyes of others and wanting to be famous."

  • 5

    In 1982, Barry Minkow started his own rug-cleaning business called ..... Best and eventually turned it into a public company with a paper value of more than $200 million; he was given a hero's welcome on Wall Street, but in December 1988, he was convicted on 57 counts of fraud and sentenced to 25 years in jail.

  • 6

    The seller of T Bond futures does not have to notify the clearing house until 8 pm about his intention to deliver, so if bond prices decline after 2 pm, the seller can notify the clearing house of his intention to deliver the cheapest bond that day or he can wait for the next day: this option is called the ..... card play.

  • 7

    The ..... accounting employed by iMergent could be the reason why the company has lost all coverage from major brokerage houses and now reports numbers to the public without independent scrutiny; in 2005, it confessed a huge restatement of prior earnings and rolled up a mass of prior years' unreported losses.

  • 8

    A ..... bond is one whose interest and principal payments are made from a fund into which a company sets aside money over time, in order to retire its preferred stock, bonds or debentures.

  • 9

    A Brookfield real estate agent was charged Thursday in federal court with trying to get a $75,000 ..... in the form of a percentage of the sale if the bidder's proposal was accepted, in exchange for giving out confidential bid information on the sale of a $30 million state office building in Madison.

  • 10

    Investors are starting to worry that Symantec, which makes the popular Norton brand of anti-virus software, is in danger of being .....: Microsoft has made some rumblings lately about stepping up its presence in security software.

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