Business Buzzwords: Con Men

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Connie tried selling her family's camper on an Internet auction site, only to have a con man make off with it while sticking her with a ..... check - the buyer sent a check for $10,500 and sent a driver to pick up the camper, so Lang turned it over, but two weeks later found out the check had bounced.

  • 2

    In the charges brought against RT Capital, members of that firm admitted their actions were against the public interest: those actions apparently consisted of 53 cases of causing the price of a security to end the day on an up tick - a high ......

  • 3

    Parties to an Exchange for Physical trade, which is another form of ..... trade permitted by most exchanges, have considerable leeway in reporting; EFP transactions can occur at any time, during and after market hours, and there is no time restriction to report an EFP to the exchange.

  • 4

    The methods used by Katz created a false and misleading appearance of trading activity or an artificial price for the securities of Caprice, and included the execution and clearing of orders through other member firms (a '..... Trade') to disguise the players in the market place.

  • 5

    Bridge Mobile Alliance provides a regional ..... shop that supports enterprises with regional mobile needs; this means that instead of having to liaise with multiple parties, you can approach any alliance member to consolidate all your needs and requirements.

  • 6

    Trend followers know the trick of letting their profits ..... is key to trading: once you learn that to maximize your profits you must be willing to give up some part of your accumulated profits, you are on your way to sustained success, and refusing to give up a part of that accumulated income due to fear is a big mistake.

  • 7

    A political split suggests legislative ..... in Washington, which is not a bad situation for the financial markets; equity investors tend to favor a divided government since it usually suggests less government intervention in the economy and stock market.

  • 8

    For purposes of this rule, "agency ..... transaction for an advisory client" means a transaction in which a person acts as an investment adviser in relation to a transaction in which the investment adviser acts as a broker-dealer for both the advisory client and another person on the other side of the transaction.

  • 9

    ..... investing, where small investors mimic the top pros, may be growing more popular than ever; as markets have gone nowhere over the past five years they went down and then recovered the solution is to find people who you think are making money and attach yourself to them.

  • 10

    One of U.S. management's big complaints is against union .....; last week the American Institute of Management warned that unions are not alone in insisting on unnecessary jobs - management itself is widely guilty of the practice.

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