Business buzzwords: Dutch colonists

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    ..... was named after the wooden structure Dutch colonists built in this area in 1653 to defend themselves from the British and Native Americans.

  • 2

    In early 2000, ....., the natural gas pipeline company turned online phenomenon, held a conference for Wall Street analysts and investors, who were particularly receptive when Jeffrey Skilling, its president, suggested that their money-losing broadband network business alone was worth $29 billion, or an extra $37 a share.

  • 3

    A long ..... roll is a time value trade (involving the sale and purchase of options with different expiry months) and as such cannot be adequately plotted in terms of its risk/reward profile.

  • 4

    Boating Industry Magazine reports that demand for the new 4-stroke outboard has by far outpaced supply, and Mercury officials have implemented a ..... in production: they expect to reach maximum output within a month, and catch up with demands sometime later this year.

  • 5

    Alan Greenspan, in a speech entitled 'The Challenge of Central Banking in a Democratic Society', posed a now-famous rhetorical question: "How do we know when irrational ..... has unduly escalated asset values, which then become subject to unexpected and prolonged contractions as they have in Japan over the past decade?"

  • 6

    The break-up of Equitable Life has moved closer following the launch yesterday of a ..... fund, Synesis, backed by some of the City's most powerful institutions, to buy out distressed annuity and pension liabilities.

  • 7

    ..... aren't concerned with the fundamentals of an investment; instead, they attempt to make a quick profit by selling to somebody else at a higher price.

  • 8

    In the U.K., the exchange may determine that ashare movement is so sharp that quotes cannot practically be kept current; under its Fast ..... Rule, it may permit trading outside quoted ranges where updating quotes is deemed impractical.

  • 9

    Statements made that are not historical facts are forward-looking statements and made pursuant to the safe ..... provisions of the Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995; in some cases, these forward-looking statements may be identified by the use of words such as 'may', 'should', 'expect', 'plan', or 'project', or their negatives, or other comparable words.

  • 10

    This new publication incorporates all facets of trading technology for ..... organisations: each month, it will deliver up-to-date news and analysis on the business and technology trends, drivers and processes shaping the hedge fund and investment management industries.

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