Business Buzzwords: High Valuation

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    High valuation means a bigger potential price fall for a ..... stock.

  • 2

    The ..... leader is a pricing strategy which involves selling products/services at a price that will generate little or no profit and in some cases not even cover all associated costs (marketing, overheads, direct costs, etc).

  • 3

    ..... Comes Off Starbucks: Shares in Starbucks fell to their lowest level since late 2005 as investor concerns about slower sales and profit growth continued to chip away at the once highflying stock.

  • 4

    Not all these houses are ugly and shoddy: though most are badly proportioned pastiches of different styles, some are built with attention to detail and materials, but, as the epithet ..... suggests, they're just too big-for their lots, for their neighborhoods and for the number of people who actually live in them.

  • 5

    American bankers for decades operated by the ..... rule; they could afford to be that precise because federal and state laws set the strict rules by which they operated and protected them from competitors, and the power and prestige of bankers remained as secure as their vaults, while profits were steady and certain.

  • 6

    Going public with a bear ..... is a great strategy for acquiring a target whose management isn't inclined to sell; it forces a corporate board to consider any reasonable bid because directors have a responsibility to provide shareholders with the best financial returns.

  • 7

    The good and bad of .....: Tax refunds may be welcome to most taxpayers, but technically speaking, it's not wise to give the government interest-free loans.

  • 8

    On the negative side, the market is a stone's throw from refreshing the overvalued, overbought, overbullish, yields-rising condition we've dubbed '.....'.

  • 9

    Life expectancy for men aged 60 is more than five years' longer in 2005 than it was anticipated to be in mortality projections made in the 1980s, and this problem threatens the solvency of the life and pensions industries; the amounts exposed to ..... risk in the UK pensions industry alone are estimated to be 2,520 billion.

  • 10

    We have taken a direct sentiment measure, i.e., market sentiment index constucted by 'Investors Intelligence': each week weekly newsletter opinions on the future market movements are grouped, and we use the ..... ratio as a proxy of sentiment.

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