Business buzzwords: Illegal profits

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    It is generally agreed that speculators can make profits from insider trading or from the release of false information, and both forms of stock-price ..... have now been made illegal.

  • 2

    Bush, on the other hand, has a very steep and consistent decline in his approval rating the longer he goes without a major event; it is notable that this trend has never been upward, not even following 9/11 when his approval rating took a tremendous positive ..... as the country rallied around their leader.

  • 3

    Millennium Bank, which purchased the building in a bankruptcy sale 'free and ..... of all liens and encumbrances' and subsequently resold the building to the sole lessee, did not thereby assume an obligation to pay a commission to a third-party broker under a lease provision providing for such commission upon a sale to the lessee.

  • 4

    The unlucky folks who bought shares at the peak almost certainly lost money - as does every other investor who buys into a collapsing market hoping the worst is over; but to the extent that most holders didn't sell, the ..... loss simply wiped out the apparent profit that was created by the inflating bubble.

  • 5

    Windows, Office, and the Internet Explorer Web browser all have greater than 90 percent share of their respective markets, and to protect these ....., Microsoft must do things that no other software company would be doing right now; it's a victim of its own success.

  • 6

    Under '.....', small government was both a fiscal imperative and a political belief; adopting supply-side economics, the White House believed that reducing taxes would free individuals and businesses to invest elsewhere, thereby maximizing economic gain.

  • 7

    Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: PNK) announced that the underwritten public ..... of 10.0 million of its newly issued shares of common stock has been priced at $32.00 per share, which will result in gross proceeds to Pinnacle of $320 million.

  • 8

    In late October and early November of last year, because Enron was changing the outside administrator of its 401(k) plan, employees' shares were ..... down in their 401(k) accounts for at least two weeks during a volatile period in the company's stock price, making them powerless to sell their Enron stock as it was dropping.

  • 9

    Data security is an increasing priority for many CIOs, and for good reason: corporate databases contain the ..... - proprietary and sensitive information such as non-public financial data, trade secrets, and personal information about customers and employees.

  • 10

    Disillusioned investors who bought the convertible bond specifically for the conversion feature will typically sell the bond at a lower price; therefore we can we buy a ..... convertible security at a discounted price.

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