Business buzzwords: Jack Be Nimble

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    While the big money trade over the past two years has been to buy both sheer optimism and extreme pessimism, now the hedge funds are back in the green for the year, they'll try to lay low and preserve capital - only the nimble ..... are likely to coin money in this tape.

  • 2

    This company may be a disaster that has already happened, a walking corpse that doesn't yet know that it's dead - because it has created an insulated culture systematically excluding any information that contradicts its rosy picture of reality; companies that cultivate these positive qualities to excess become '..... businesses'.

  • 3

    New WTO Director General Pascal Lamy faces a ..... of fire at the WTO's conference on December 13, four months after he took the helm of the global trade body; Lamy will face a fierce test of his mettle that is likely to shape the Frenchman's reputation for the rest of his term.

  • 4

    Smaller swings in the Dow Jones industrial average in the current quarter, compared to the swings of last quarter, will trigger stock market trading ..... under the NYSE's quarterly revision of the levels; the Big Board's new circuit-breaker and trading-collar trigger levels go into effect Monday, Oct. 1.

  • 5

    ..... money products and process continue to evolve as extensive progress is made in institutionalizing investment administration for individuals and households.

  • 6

    The rule of thumb for the ..... indicator is that whenever its stock price fails to make a new high within any given four month period, it harbingers economic recession for the U.S.

  • 7

    In a normal market the bid is less than the ask, and the difference (the bid-ask spread) would be the market maker's profit, so we would not expect to see ..... market with a single market maker; however, in a market with more than one market maker, one market maker may show the best bid and another the best offer, and these may be the same.

  • 8

    Massive ..... selling sparked by a criminal investigation of a high-profile Internet company and weaker-than-expected U.S. tech earnings forced the Tokyo Stock Exchange to suspend trading in the world's second-largest market.

  • 9

    Despite the many changes in the tax system, there has been relatively little change in its role as an ..... stabilizer: we estimate that individual federal taxes offset perhaps as much as 8 percent of initial shocks to GDP.

  • 10

    ..... financing, the latest big thing in Japan's investment banking world, can raise money for cash-hungry companies but is also susceptible to abuse; the financing involves the issuance of 'moving strike convertible bonds' by Japanese firms to investment banks, who are allowed to convert the MSCBs into stock at a discount of about 10 percent.

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