Business Buzzwords: Japanese Automobiles

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    The '.....' structuring of assembler-supplier relations historically enabled Japanese auto assemblers to remain lean and flexible while enjoying a level of control over supply akin to that of vertical integration.

  • 2

    ..... the yield curve, the fixed-income strategy of purchasing a longer-dated security and selling before maturity, is a popular means to achieve excess returns compared to buying-and-holding, despite its implicit violations of market efficiency and the pure expectations hypothesis of the term structure.

  • 3

    Resident Market Makers would be able to vote to reduce the commission charge for the ..... (OBO) who keeps the public limit orders in the relevant class of options.

  • 4

    '..... shops' are firms that entice people through various tactics to open trading accounts with them (including misleading job advertisements that promise quick, unrealistic returns), but on contractual terms that are favourable towards these firms.

  • 5

    .....-industry theory posits that small or less productive firms in developing countries require protection to catch up to foreign competitors, and this theory is often cited as a validation for government-sponsored protection from trade and foreign direct investment.

  • 6

    Small capitalization public companies need access to savvy investors in micro and small cap stocks who are actively seeking the next ....., but the typical investor thinks that he should avoid the small cap market, that he would never have the insight, inside knowledge, skill or luck to find a blockbuster performer.

  • 7

    Bankruptcy courts are receptive to granting certain protections for the ..... horse bid because of the risk and expense incurred in making the first bid and the interest it generates for the assets.

  • 8

    A persistent growl from the bear camp two years ago was that the U.S. economy was headed for a 'double-..... recession', meaning the economy was in danger of sliding back into a period of negative growth after having climbed out of it.

  • 9

    Ultimately, Louis Rukeyser's TV show, 'Wall Street Week', made investing look too easy: you can't rely on ..... to tell you when to be in or out of the market.

  • 10

    Nicknamed "The Junk Bond King", Michael ..... is credited with founding the high-yield debt market but was banned for life from the securities industry.

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