Business buzzwords: Last increment bidding

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    The data clearly illustrate that some of the participants in the PJM market are bidding their capacity at well above production costs; the bids include prices approaching 1,000 $/MW, and they also show the so-called '..... stick' bidding of the last increment of capacity at a very high price.

  • 2

    I tell my broker, "Buy Soybeans at 662.50," but then I find out I was filled at 663.00, two ticks off my price: the two ticks is called ......

  • 3

    When the pot is ....., the underwriter has no more of the issue to sell to interested investors; if there is still interest in the issue and nothing left for an underwriter to offer, it is probable that the issue was underpriced and oversubscribed.

  • 4

    A leader in sales & contact management since 1995 with over 1 million users worldwide, ..... Sales Contact Manager makes it easy to succeed by effectively managing your time, customers, and sales.

  • 5

    The All Industry index may spark some interest, but the most meaningful event will not come from the calendar but rather from the completion of the G-20 meeting: if the ..... make any aggressive comments about yen weakness, USD/JPY may be in for more selling as the week progresses.

  • 6

    Here, we emphasize the reaction of holders of preferred stock to the call announcement, and examine their decision to sell the convertible rather than convert it; this ..... effect explains the increase in trading volume and also has important spillover effects into the market-making activity in the underlying common stock.

  • 7

    Firms are throwing millions of dollars at university IP portfolios without regard to what is actually in the portfolio - are we seeing another ..... investment strategy that will take us to another nanotech bubble bursting because they are ill-informed and believe nanotech is still so far off for ROI that only IP is available?

  • 8

    A Pork ..... is an arrangement on the floor of the NYSE whereby clerks cover the booth of a floor broker and accept orders, phone calls, and associated tasks; this arrangement is beneficial to the floor brokers as it allows them to handle business outside the floor while still taking orders and maintaining trading requirements.

  • 9

    Section 13(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 stipulates that once someone obtains five percent of a firm's stock, that person has 10 days to file a disclosure form; but during this period, the potential bidder can continue to make open market purchases, so ..... purchases may be larger than 5% of a target firm.

  • 10

    RBC Dominion Securities is accused of ..... trading in shares of the firm's parent, Royal Bank of Canada; four of its traders are accused of buying and selling $33 million worth of shares at the same time - improperly taking both sides of the trades - to cut risks they faced because of a series of trading errors and misunderstandings.

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