Business buzzwords: Listed for destruction

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    With the approval of the SEC, the DTCC will be taking the first steps of a multi-year initiative to eliminate non-transferable certificates and help lower expenses for holding such certificates in custody; once an issue is listed for destruction, DTC said it would ..... all activity on that issue.

  • 2

    ..... stripping is a type of predatory lending brought on by the housing boom: as housing prices and property taxes skyrocket, many homeowners are forced into default; the stripper, in one way or another, satisfies the loan and usually takes the title.

  • 3

    The Minister of Finance pays the Royal Canadian Mint to produce and distribute all coins; it costs the Mint about 12 cents to produce and distribute a dollar coin, which generates for the government approximately 88 cents in ..... on each $1 coin sold to financial institutions at face value.

  • 4

    Reminiscent of the 'Asian .....' triggered by Thailand in 1997, which became a full-blown financial crisis, other Asian stock indices reacted to the Thai news with sharp falls on Tuesday: the Bombay Stock Exchange's Sensitive Index dropped 2.5% and Indonesia's Jakarta Composite Index lost 2.9%.

  • 5

    Yoshiaki Murakami flouted convention once again by launching a hostile takeover bid against Shoei Co., a little-known electronics and real estate company; this ..... Knight, who heads his own M&A consulting firm, MAC Corp., lambasted Shoei's managers for the company's sluggish stock price.

  • 6

    These organizations may award ..... capital for especially promising projects that meet their guidelines: this money can be used for initial investment in a project or startup company, for proof-of-concept, market research or initial product development.

  • 7

    For a company, being '.....' means that it is of high enough quality to have the respect of the financial district; although individuals are the ones who come to eventually own companies, a company must first impress the investment bankers and those on Wall Street to make it to the market.

  • 8

    A ..... is a situation in which two events or actions have the effect of nullifying each other; in terms of investment, this could be when the gains in a portfolio equal the losses.

  • 9

    ..... companies build and sell or lease commercial real-estate, software, or applications for wide-scale commercial use; they are also referred to as business-to-business (B2B) companies.

  • 10

    Joe invests in XYZ Corp. because the stock is undervalued; it doubles in price in two months, but Joe holds on to the whole investment, hoping it will double again in the next two months, instead of selling a portion to realize a gain - Joe is a ..... investor because he is greedy for huge gains and allows his greed to supersede his original investment strategy.

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