Business buzzwords: Lost horizons

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    An investor with a short horizon should buy stocks in ..... markets, thus chasing general trends; an investor with a long horizon should reduce her commitment to stocks in the same markets.

  • 2

    Markets are full of ..... dogs - stocks of unprofitable companies that at some point fly through the roof,defying gravity: each dog has its day in the sun before reality sets in.

  • 3

    Marty Lipton and Joseph Flom's first big tender fight was the $84 million Colt (Flom) takeover of Garlock (Lipton), where the term 'Saturday Night .....' was coined to describe Colt's lightning raid.

  • 4

    With regard to the share transfer document, if the handwriting expert opinion is accepted, it would show that Kokabi was a ..... shareholder, who was used to secure the allocation of a school plot to a company controlled by Parastaran which would otherwise not have qualified to be allocated.

  • 5

    In a troublesome stock market, many investors seek out something that gives them confidence that a stock will pay off big over the next five or 10 years, allowing them to ignore the bumps and bruises that might come over the short run; typically, these kinds of ..... stocks have glowing potential, but some things that glow could be radioactive.

  • 6

    Despite all the hand-wringing about the dangers of hedge funds, regulators have been reluctant to clamp down; the President's Working Group said that concerns about hedge funds' impact on average investors "can be best addressed through sound practices on the part of the fiduciaries that manage such vehicles." - in other words, ......

  • 7

    Rather than quoting a specific price, a fast ..... will give a range of prices for an investment marked by the word 'fast' to indicate that the market is moving rapidly.

  • 8

    The leading ..... bracket banks are US firms Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and Merrill Lynch; these three are regarded as being in a super league of their own, because of the scale and quality of their work across the full range of investment banking business sectors and geographical regions.

  • 9

    Much controversy surrounds the question of whether the victim of a breach of contract may seek, as an alternative to the claim for damages, the remedy of ..... of the profits secured through breach by its perpetrator.

  • 10

    Wall Street heads toward Christmas sitting on healthy gains for 2006 after another solid week, and some analysts say the so-called Santa Claus ..... may not be over yet: the blue-chip Dow Jones Industrial Average vaulted to a new all-time closing high Friday of 12,445.52 with a weekly gain of 1.12 percent.

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