Business buzzwords: Phone rules

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    The NYSE will approve the maintenance of such telephone lines only at the ..... location of a member or member organization; the Exchange will not approve the use of a portable telephone on the Floor.

  • 2

    In financial markets, they call it 'the Greenspan .....' - a belief that if stock or bond prices fall too much, the FRB will help prop them up with quick interest rate cuts to pump more cash into the system; but this confidence is a worrisome legacy after his nearly 18 years helping to steer the economy.

  • 3

    Mark Mobius, who manages one of the biggest emerging markets stock mutual funds for FT Investments, said he has bought shares across the ..... because of opportunities created by a recent slump in global markets; Mobius said he bought shares in Taiwan, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, Russia and India.

  • 4

    The Peter Lynch strategy, based on John Reese's analysis of Lynch's writings, considers SC a true '.....' company, as its earnings growth of 14.71 percent lies within the moderate 10 percent to 19 percent range and its annual sales of $129.3 billion are in the multi-billion dollar level.

  • 5

    The yen and the Swiss franc were the big winners, with both currencies surging as global equities took a pounding; David Woo at Barclays Capital said the '..... to quality' had had a limited impact on risky assets, but that a sell-off in Asian equities suggested that risk reduction was becoming more widespread.

  • 6

    The ..... call price is calculated by assigning pre-determined Government of Canada yield plus a specified number of basis points to the bond; these issues are at a higher risk of being retired during a falling interest rate and when improvements in the issuing company's fiscal situation lead to a re-evaluation of liabilities.

  • 7

    Frederick Mates, whose $32 million Mates Investment Fund has risen 153% in per-share asset value since the beginning of 1968, the highest growth rate of any fund, is the personification of self-confidence: on one wall of his office, he keeps a framed parody of an old Wall Street slogan: 'Invest, Then .....'.

  • 8

    The term 'mortgage ..... roll' covers a variety of transactions that involve an agreement to transfer a mortgage pass-through security in exchange for cash, generally at some future date.

  • 9

    I do not think it premature to conclude that the entire financial industry of this country is riddled with fraud; as Newsweek observed, this is not a case of a few bad apples, it's the ..... Theory - you see one, you know there's a whole nest of the disgusting Dictyoptera.

  • 10

    Permanent Insiders are prohibited from purchasing or selling Company securities except as specifically permitted by this Policy; permanent insiders consist of the Company's (a) directors, (b) executive officers and (c) those employees who will be deemed to have ongoing exposure to ..... insider information because of the nature of their jobs.

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