Business buzzwords: Screaming guts

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Your gut is screaming, "There is no way this company can hit those targets!", but your hope and the Mad ..... CEO's enthusiasm get the better of you - this scenario is repeated many times at under-performing companies; there can be too much over-optimism and not enough effort made at analyzing the facts and confronting reality.

  • 2

    On the one hand, the idea of ..... trade seems like a win-win situation - greenhouse gas emissions are reduced while some countries reap economic benefit - on the other hand, critics suspect that some countries will exploit the trading system and the consequences will be negative.

  • 3

    Following the technology boom of the late 1990s and early 2000s, many investors, because of their huge losses, were said to have taken a ......

  • 4

    Because ..... points are largely subjective, they will vary widely among investors; if an investor has a lower required rate of return, he or she will likely pay more for the same security than a person with a higher required rate of return.

  • 5

    During the extreme price volatility in ..... markets, currency pair prices will gap and spreads widen; a price gap occurs when the price of a currency pair either jumps or plummets from its last bid/offer quote to a new quote, without trading at prices between those quotes.

  • 6

    Testing small before you spend lots of money on ads or mailings will keep you from losing your ..... on ineffective marketing efforts.

  • 7

    Companies, usually with the help of ....., use a number of strategies to repel a hostile takeover bid.

  • 8

    This club will be funded through dock permits of our residents, which will create an ..... funding source of some amount in the future that will be perpetual, and we look forward to working with staff to see that this revenue stream is used for the enforcement of the manatee zone.

  • 9

    Temporary ..... are the most effective way to reduce expense ratios because the payment reduction is concentrated in the early years of the loan: to cover the shortfall between the reduced payments made by the borrower and the regular payment received by the lender, cash is withdrawn from an escrow account.

  • 10

    The so-called ..... local phone companies are among the most potent forces in the US telecommunications business today, shielded from the worst effects of the downturn by their control of local phone markets.

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