Business buzzwords: Takeover remedy

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    A ..... bond is designed to prevent unwanted takeovers by having a maturity that is activated once a takeover is complete; the idea this is that companies will be less inclined to take over a company if they know that afterward they will immediately be forced to pay bondholders.

  • 2

    The flow of ..... capital in India has increased substantially since 2000, but over 90 percent of the money is invested in late-stage initiatives by mature firms; even the remainder mostly finances new firms replicating proven business ideas, and as a result, very few innovative startups are funded.

  • 3

    A syndicate desk employee, sales representatives or sales traders entered customers' indications of interest in the IPO into the IPO institutional ..... book, the computer database where all of the institutional indications of interest in the IPO and allocations were recorded.

  • 4

    The ..... card option is, for example for bond futures, the option to initiate delivery between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. in the afternoon during the delivery month of the contract; the point here is that the futures price is settled at 2 p.m. but the trade in the underlying bonds goes on until 8 p.m.

  • 5

    The nucleus accumbens kicked into action two seconds before subjects made a risk-seeking choice that was a mistake (investing in a stock with a bad history); in contrast, the anterior insula was activated just before the volunteers made a less than optimal ..... choice prompting them to invest in a safe but low-return bond instead of the good stock.

  • 6

    If a business division falls into the '.....' quadrant - stagnant or shrinking industry growth and poor business unit performance - management usually sells it off or slashes it to a bare minimum.

  • 7

    ..... affects many individual investors, who simply have too many stocks (often, too many or the wrong type of mutual funds) in their portfolio; a company's share value could shoot to the moon, but it would have very little impact on the fund's overall performance because of its very small exposure.

  • 8

    The ..... approach is the staple of professional investors worldwide: it involves picking stocks for reasons specific to particular companies, regardless of the prospects of their sector or market - no matter how markets are performing, some stocks have more value than others.

  • 9

    The 'ring .....' around the profits of North Sea companies is designed to prevent losses from non-North Sea activities from being set against profits of North Sea activities; one of the rules is that interest can only be deducted from North Sea profits if the capital has been borrowed for a North Sea oil purpose.

  • 10

    One remedy, Walden says, would be to index the state tax rates to inflation: "That would tend to reduce bracket ....., and in fact this is what the federal government does with the federal income tax."

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