Business buzzwords: The old days

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Investment banker Gary Lutin told the E-Commerce Times that in the old days when paper stock certificates were issued, some people used worthless stocks as ....., but that since the securities market had gone digital and stock certificates are no longer issued, that is no longer an option.

  • 2

    An employee embezzles millions of dollars from his company, but he doesn't know his firm is on to him; to combat his schemes, the company brings in ..... accountant, a professional with a combination of financial expertise and investigative prowess, to determine exactly what's going on.

  • 3

    The acquisition of Corus will propel Tata Steel into the ..... list, making it one of the eight steel companies globally that figure in this elite list.

  • 4

    Managers are looking to cut costs, and one way to do it that's currently gaining favor is to go ..... for all or parts of the project; for example, one of the Intranet Design Annual 2001 winners was headquartered in the United States, but hired a firm in Mexico to design its intranet.

  • 5

    Almost 1 million British adults are still living with their parents even though they are approaching 40, a study says; while this may not be a problem in itself, the real worry is how much these ..... cost - and the extent to which they eat into parents' retirement savings.

  • 6

    Second only to the Saudi Arabia reserves, Alberta's oil ..... deposits were described by Time Magazine as 'Canada's greatest buried energy treasure' and 'could satisfy the world's demand for petroleum for the next century'.

  • 7

    Ronald Reagan made supply-side economics a household phrase, and promised an across-the-board reduction in income tax rates and capital gains tax rates; when vying for the Republican party presidential nomination for the 1980 election, George H.W. Bush derided Reagan's supply-side policies as '..... economics'.

  • 8

    A 2-minute preview of the investment ..... for a new feature film by Borderstop Filmed Entertainment called 'Urban Renewal' is now available on the official film site and; the production is scheduled for 2009.

  • 9

    Reacting with horror to a huge proposed pay package for GlaxoSmith-Kline's chief executive JP Garnier, shareholders blocked the ..... deal; by doubling his share option grant and trebling his allocation of free performance-related shares, the plan would have almost doubled his remuneration to an estimated $18 million.

  • 10

    As costs of energy and other commodities soar, investors should be on the hunt for companies with ..... power; the ability to pass along higher product costs to consumers gives such outfits an edge and, in the long run, boosts returns.

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