Business Buzzwords through the Seasons

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    If a nervous ..... ever does decide to invest, he or she is likely to liquidate the investment at any time.

  • 2

    Exchange Traded Funds or ..... aim to duplicate the growth of a stock exchange index, usually an index of ordinary shares, working like Index Tracker Funds except that they are closed ended to a private investor.

  • 3

    Some economists divide the Kondratiev ..... into two 'seasons', namely, the Kondratiev Fall and the later part, the Kondratiev Winter.

  • 4

    Otherwise known as Yasuo Hamanaka, Mr ..... was a trader who lost over $2.5 billion for his employer, Sumitomo Corporation in Japan; Hamanaka's scandalous activities rank first for the greatest unauthorized trading loss in history.

  • 5

    A foreign currency trading at 75.25 and a money market security trading at 75.75 both have ..... of 75.

  • 6

    ..... is an increase in price and trading volume in a particular sector of the economy that results from a recent takeover creating a change in sentiment towards the sector; proponents of behavioral finance theory would view this psychological impact as evidence supporting their theory.

  • 7

    ..... Accounting Principles (LGAP) will supersede generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) as companies 'come clean' in post-Enron Wall Street.

  • 8

    A ..... is a group of unscrupulous investors who, practicing a kind of fictitious trading or wash selling, artificially inflate the price of a security so that they sell it at a profit.

  • 9

    The January ..... does have a fairly successful track record: from 1950 to 2003, the S&P 500 was up in January 34 times, and in 30 of those 34 instances, the S&P 500 traded higher 11 months later, for a success rate of 88%.

  • 10

    To be considered a ..... company, its revenue must be larger than $1 million in each of the four prior years, the sum of the last four years' net income must be positive, and its growth in revenue and gross profit should exceed 100% from the first to the last balance sheet in the four-year period.

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