Business Buzzwords through Thick and Thin

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    The Hong Kong government might have won this particular battle against the speculators, just as the Malaysians reckon they have done; but with both administrations' credibility hugely damaged as a result, these are ..... victories that they may come to rue.

  • 2

    The cost of mortgage payments, property taxes, insurance and maintenance on ..... property is greater than the income it brings in, and if this situation is not corrected, it will eat up all of the owner's profit, leaving him or her with negative cash flow.

  • 3

    The ..... strategy is one in which a third party poses as a white knight in a takeover bid, and then joins forces with an unfriendly bidder.

  • 4

    The seven categories of variables used in the ..... stock valuation system are momentum, quality, value, financial strength, forecasted earnings, performance, and volume.

  • 5

    A ..... is a high-strung portfolio manager who, looking for high returns, invests in very high-risk stock.

  • 6

    ..... Monday is often associated with the unfounded belief that it is the busiest (highest sales volume) shopping day of the year for online retailers, because people would continue shopping from the company's computer while at work.

  • 7

    A securities firm is practicing the fraudulent act of ..... if it fails to purchase the securities on the open market and maintains a short position, delays delivery or takes part in transactions contrary to SEC regulations regarding the proper settlement of trades.

  • 8

    The level of net debt per ..... is an important factor to consider when analyzing a government's ability to continue to pay its debt service costs through its current levels of tax revenue; this measure helps indicate the default risk of government bonds.

  • 9

    The ..... oil and natural gas industry's exploration and production activities may have impacts on air, land and water, and to offset these impacts, it invests in programs and technologies that help to reduce its environmental footprint.

  • 10

    A dawn ..... is a sudden and unexpected buying of a significant proportion of a company's shares, usually as a prelude to a takeover bid; the aim is to prevent the target company from having time to organize opposition to the takeover.

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