Business buzzwords: Whiplash

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Market ..... are nursing a bad case of whiplash: most of the 42 strategists surveyed by 'Business Week' a year ago saw their yearend forecasts surpassed in the first few months of 1996 - the consensus view then was for the Dow Jones to rise 5% and end the year at 5430, but the Dow passed 5430 in early February.

  • 2

    Long-struggling Randall Park Mall now is in the hands of a Raleigh, N.C., real estate investor who specializes in buying ailing malls and who, until earlier this year, owned Euclid Square Mall; investor Haywood Whichard bought Randall Park for the type of price that gives spice to the life of real estate ......

  • 3

    One reason traders are moving to the Forex is the momentum and longevity of trends: currencies tend to trend 1,000 pips or more in a direction, and thenmove back 1,000 pips or more within a 4- to 6-week period, and this type of movement gives the position trader a great opportunity for ..... the market.

  • 4

    If the total asset value of your portfolio averaged $1 million and the total value of assets sold during the year equals $200,000, then the portfolio ..... is 20% or one fifth.

  • 5

    The purchase of YouTube by Google for $1.65bn (883m) is just the latest in a series of high-profile, high-value deals among internet firms, but does it mean that we are entering another ..... boom era, like the one in the late 1990s that ended in a stock-market collapse?

  • 6

    The 1980s was a decade of corporate ..... as companies sought to buy out or build strategic alliances with competitors; nearly $1.3 trillion was spent on corporate mergers in the 1980s, more than the annual economic output of the UK.

  • 7

    The Act also restores the power of local governments to issue ..... bonds, which are general obligation bonds payable from enterprise funds or from a special revenue source or both, with the general obligation of the local government acting as a back-up security.

  • 8

    Dennis N. Abbott, a former trader at BP, admitted that he carried out a strategy to buy large quantities of February 2004 TET propane to become the dominant long-holder of TET propane; he intended that the purchasing strategy would ..... the market by reducing the supply, permitting him to sell propane at an artificially inflated price.

  • 9

    Almost 10 years after Telfonos de Mxico (TMX), Mexico's 800-pound ....., was privatized, Mexicans still find reasons to hate the phone company; although the Mexican market has been open to competition for four years, the company is still a quasi-monopoly.

  • 10

    Since it is nearly Christmas, I thought I would write something about the Boston Snow .....: the theory is that if there is snow in Boston on Christmas day then the price of stocks will go up for the coming new year.

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