Business buzzwords: Worst investments

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Investment ..... of 2002: the three worst-performing funds of the year - Aberdeen Fund of Investment Trusts, Exeter High Income and Aberdeen Progressive Growth - are all invested in split capital trusts.

  • 2

    Buying and selling stock rather than looking for dividend income was seen as a new form of entertainment for women in 1720: "Stock-..... is now become so laudable, that many great ladies forsake their tea to go to Change Alley", reported one paper, while another announced that "several great ladies repair into the city, and pawn their jewels to buy South Sea".

  • 3

    In its effort to thwart the takeover attempts of Campeau Corp., FDS unveiled a restructuring plan to sell off its discount chain and other non-department store assets; the retailer said it may also seek a 'white .....' by issuing new preferred stock with a value of 15 percent of total outstanding shares in the company.

  • 4

    On one side, double-..... offer fund-of-fund vehicles for hedge fund investors and on the flip side they offer contract marketing agreements on the hedge fund side, so it is possible for them to not only make money from their own investors but also clip a marketing fee for putting their fund-of-funds investment with a manager in any given strategy.

  • 5

    Most specialty drug companies obtain product rights only for one or two national markets and so cannot fund clinical development and sales expansion by sub-licensing or partnering; they must sell equity to finance 100% of development & marketing costs, resulting in highly ..... founders and lower returns for all their investors.

  • 6

    Instead of benefitting the company, the defendants have saddled it with a risky and costly share repurchase program, in order to dispose of its cash and make it less attractive to potential buyers; the plan was designed as a defensive barrier akin to a '.....', decreasing the likelihood of any potential acquirer making an offer for the company.

  • 7

    The ICF is a new private-public partnership, focused on improving the continent's investment .....; our mission is to make Africa an even better place to do business, by removing obstacles to domestic and foreign investment and by promoting Africa as an attractive investment destination.

  • 8

    Since 2000, Market Harmonics has been dedicated to giving traders and investors an edge through an understanding of what truly drives markets - investor psychology; in the research area, we have specialized in tracking market ..... as the key to successful and profitable trading.

  • 9

    IRC has agreed to pay $37.4 million to acquire a sliding-scale NSR royalty on the Pascua Lama gold project, expected to become Barrick's third largest gold operation; the acquisition is expected to provide significant growth in cash flow, and by having the world's largest gold producer as its operator, long life and low cash costs, this is truly a ..... asset.

  • 10

    Back in the far off days of the early 1980's the general view was that, when battered by a financial market ....., investor risk-aversion increased and that it tended to take about a decade for the pain experienced from severe financial loss to ebb.

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