Business Buzzwords: Young Companies

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    ..... capitalists mitigate the risk of investing by developing a portfolio of young companies in a single fund.

  • 2

    Sanyo Electric is cooperating with the investigation into its suspected window-..... of earnings; Sanyo may have falsified its fiscal 2003 earnings report, writing off far fewer losses than its subsidiaries had and falsely reporting a profit when it was in the red.

  • 3

    Price discrepancies, although at odds with mainstream finance, are persistent phenomena in financial markets; these apparent mispricings lead to the presence of ....., who aim to exploit the resulting profit opportunities, but whose role remains controversial.

  • 4

    While we anticipate that a supplemental for FY07 will ultimately be signed into law, we expect uncertainty surrounding the level of DoD funding will continue, and as a result, we have less ..... into our next fiscal year than we normally would have at this point in the year.

  • 5

    "One of the reasons we have a healthcare crisis is because, as a consumer, I don't have that much ..... in the game," said Arkansas GOP Gov. Mike Huckabee, "there needs to be a transformation from a third-party insurance system to more financial participation by the patient."

  • 6

    A lot of investors and fund managers sold the stock only to buy it a few days later at lower prices; but there is brokerage to be paid on both the transactions (while buying and selling), so unless the fund manager will make a lot of money on that stock, ..... may not be all that prudent after all.

  • 7

    The five largest music companies and music retailers agreed to pay $67.4 million to settle a lawsuit over alleged price-..... in the late 1990s; prosecutors said that the industry kept consumer CD prices artificially high between 1995 and 2000 with a practice known as 'minimum-advertised pricing'.

  • 8

    Insiders are an obvious target for policies designed to provide information security, because they have legitimate uses for communication channels that can also be used to breach security; by restricting the use of these channels, the organisation can create barriers to information ......

  • 9

    ..... pitch is a quick and concise way to communicate who you are, what you do, and why you do it better; it's more than a mission statement - it's understanding your business in a way that gets people excited, involved, and thinking.

  • 10

    If a trader is in a long position on a currency pair and the exchange rate moves upward in her favor a bit but fails to move past a key resistance level she was expecting as a catalyst for further movement, the trader would probably deem the trade ..... on a failure and close it out for whatever profit had been earned.

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