Canada Pension Plan

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    The Canada Pension Plan ..... benefit is a one-time, lump-sum payment made to the contributor's estate; if there is no estate, the person responsible for the funeral expenses, the surviving spouse or common-law partner or the next of kin may be eligible, in that order.

  • 2

    ..... bonds are debt securities that states, cities, counties and other governmental entities issue to raise money for such as building schools, highways, hospitals, sewer systems, and other special projects; a primary feature is that the interest is generally exempt from federal income tax.

  • 3

    A ..... of credit is an arrangement you can make with your financial institution that allows you to borrow money up to a pre-determined limit; as you pay it down, you can draw on it again, back up to the limit you are allowed.

  • 4

    Each warrant is exercisable for 1/2 share of common stock at $0.15 per warrant share, they are only exercisable in ..... lots (i.e. 2 warrants exercisable at $0.30 for 1 share of common stock), and are exercisable for a period of three years and expire October 10, 2005.

  • 5

    This paper examines the empirical relationship between technology and financial .....: it tests whether real flexibility increases debt capacity by lowering default risk or decreases debt capacity by enabling shareholders to risk-shift through risky production strategies or asset substitution.

  • 6

    ..... earnings per share (also called fully diluted EPS) takes into account all shares currently outstanding, plus the number of shares that would be outstanding if all convertible bonds and convertible preferred stock (preference shares) were exchanged for common stock (ordinary shares).

  • 7

    In today's Kinder Morgan deal, Goldman has signed something else, something called a 'highly ..... letter', which means that Goldman thinks it can most probably find lenders and sell bonds, and will try really hard, but if this proves too difficult, Goldman isn't on the line for the money.

  • 8

    Included in foreign denominated debt is a ..... currency bond issued in yen, totalling 18,635 million yen (1998: 18,635 million yen), and repayable in US dollars totalling $150 million US (1998: $150 million US); the bond has been hedged to $200 million (1998: $200 million),and matures on February 29,2000.

  • 9

    Notice what happens by adding a little bit of asset B to the portfolio that consists entirely of A: moving up and to the left on the curve, the return increases and the risk decreases; in modern portfolio theory parlance, asset A must be an ..... portfolio.

  • 10

    The important variables on an adjustable rate mortgage are the ..... frequency (one year is the most common), the base index (typically Treasury yield that matches the ARM frequency) and spread (typically 250-300 bps) used to calculate the new interest rate, the caps, and the teaser rate (a below-market initial rate).

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