Cat and mouse

Every sentence contains an error. Please find it and type the corrected version into the box below each sentence.
  • 1

    Last week a cat saw a small mouse in a glass jar and wanted to ate it because it was hungry.

  • 2

    The mouse was very frightened and tried to do itself smaller hoping the cat couldn't see it.

  • 3

    The cat put its head in the glass jar and tried to catch the mouse with one of its hands.

  • 4

    But the cat was too gross for the jar and tried to get out of the jar turning this way and that.

  • 5

    Unfortunately the cat was trapped and couldn't move to the left or the write.

  • 6

    The glass jar was laying in the street at the time and a man walking past picked up the jar.

  • 7

    He then took the jar to a police station and hoped that possibly one of the police agents could help.

  • 8

    He thought that one of them could give him some advise as to what was the best thing to do.

  • 9

    In the meantime the poor little mouse was sitting at the bottom of the glass thinking it was going to dye.

  • 10

    At the police station the cat had a good ideal and smashed the glass on the floor. The cat was free at last and the mouse is now on the run.

Author: Alan Townend