Christmas is coming

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  • 1

    A: You're looking very thoughtful. Is something on your brain at the moment?

  • 2

    B: Well, I've been thinking about weather I've been good enough to get any presents this year.

  • 3

    A: What on world do you mean? I'm sorry I really don't know what you're talking about.

  • 4

    B: Well you know that season is coming, you know the time of good willing to everyone and Father Christmas and all that.

  • 5

    A: Oh I follow you. You mean if you haven't behaving yourself well, you don't get any presents.

  • 6

    B: Exactly that's what's doing me look so thoughtful as you say and I did get caught three times for speeding this year.

  • 7

    A: If you want my view I can't see that's really anything to worry about at all.

  • 8

    B: And what makes you so surely that it won't go against me when Father Christmas finds out?

  • 9

    A: Well, think about it. You know how much he has to do and how quickly he has to do it everything.

  • 10

    B: I see what you mean. I suppose now you mention it, he's tied to break the speed limit many times.