Christmas Postman (4)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    I did just that but in my ..... I dropped a small packet that fell into a puddle.

  • 2

    I didn't have the courage to make another assault on the house. Instead I took it home to ..... it out.

  • 3

    I knew if I told Ted he would talk a lot about being strictly against the rules but I was convinced it didn't ......

  • 4

    In my kitchen I looked at the address and saw the recipient was a Master Richard. I was ashamed of my .....

  • 5

    and thought I was depriving a young child of his Christmas present from some loving ......

  • 6

    I rubbed the package with a towel and went quickly again to number 56 hurrying down the path in the true ..... of the season,

  • 7

    clutching the precious bundle in my hand I ..... it through the letter box

  • 8

    expecting to hear a happy ..... of surprise from young Richard. As I hurried away

  • 9

    to the sound of the ..... dog, I knocked by accident the garden gate just in time to hear a voice shouting:

  • 10

    Master Richard! When will that woman realise I'm over fifty and can't ..... knitted socks!

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