Communications Problems in Disasters

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    One of the most consistent observations about disasters is that communication is inadequate; an in-depth 1986 study suggests that this is a ..... problem.

  • 2

    One crucial type of information that needs to be shared is that related to a determination of the priority of needed disaster countermeasures and, therefore, resource ......

  • 3

    Research on disasters suggests that many communications problems are 'people' problems, rather than equipment problems; communication equipment may be in short ....., but more often than not a physical means of communication is available.

  • 4

    Examples of 'people' problems in communication include the '..... syndrome', or 'we're the only ones on this island'.

  • 5

    Organizations are accustomed to operating ..... and fail to change this approach in disasters where multiple organizations are involved and are dependent on one another; each person gives priority to the information needs of his own organization rather than that of the overall response effort.

  • 6

    Terminology and procedures used to exchange information vary among different organizations; there is a hesitancy to depend on other organizations, often due to lack of trust or familiarity, or due to political, jurisdictional, and personal ......

  • 7

    The importance of pre-disaster contact helps to explain a seemingly ..... observation made in a number of disasters, that smaller communities with fewer resources tended to coordinate their disaster responses better than larger, more urban areas.

  • 8

    Unfortunately, the urgency of the disaster situation often ..... the time necessary to exchange preliminary information on-the-spot.

  • 9

    The result is that, unless preliminary contact has been addressed before the disaster, there is a ..... to depend on the activities of other organizations and a failure to coordinate and communicate with them.

  • 10

    When one is dependent on other team members, particularly in life-..... situations, he needs to feel confident in their competence and reliability, and developing this level of trust often requires pre-incident contact over a period of time.

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