Company Benefits

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Company benefits are often a significant portion of the employee's compensation ......

  • 2

    When considering an offer, the candidate should examine any benefits offered by the ..... employer.

  • 3

    Generous benefits can contribute up to 35 or 40 percent to the ..... compensation for a job.

  • 4

    Health insurance is an important benefit; it is less expensive through the employer at ..... rates than when taking it out on one's own.

  • 5

    Should the employee become ill or have an accident, his or her medical ..... is adequately covered.

  • 6

    Many US employers now help cover the expense of ..... facilities in their communities.

  • 7

    Another important benefit now often offered is flextime, which allows the employee to vary his or her working hours, within ....., each day.

  • 8

    On the other hand, fewer companies are offering pension plans that guarantee a fixed monthly sum to ......

  • 9

    Another benefit, the stock ownership plan, permits the employee to buy ..... of the company's stock at subsidized prices.

  • 10

    ..... is a work plan that permits the employee to work from his or her home.

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