Company Mergers

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    The question is often asked why one huge company should want to take over another massive organisation just for the sake of ..... or overthrowing a business rival.

  • 2

    The winner may well have plenty of resources and ..... at its disposal to carry out the take over but there has to be another reason.

  • 3

    It may well have the ..... market share in that area with no opposition from any other competitor.

  • 4

    In that case why should it want to carry out its plan and do the ..... thereby inheriting all the problems that the other company has experienced?

  • 5

    It is possible that it has had a good year and at the end of the financial year it has produced an excellent ..... of results that has pleased its shareholders.

  • 6

    Another reason of course is that it just wanted to do what the shareholders wanted by ..... to their wishes.

  • 7

    In that case it won't necessarily increase its profits or ..... its reputation in the business world.

  • 8

    It may indeed suffer an initial ..... in business and profits may be substantially reduced.

  • 9

    Any company on reflection should think seriously before splashing ..... and spending huge sums of money.

  • 10

    The reality is that any company bent on a takeover should be wary of losing business and clients because there may well be a mass ..... of customers.

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