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  • 1

    If I win the lottery, I should buy you a very big car as a present.

  • 2

    When I bought you a new car, would you be very happy?

  • 3

    If you have got that job, would you have been able to move to a new house?

  • 4

    I would want very much to move to a new house if I have that job.

  • 5

    Will you come to dinner with us if we had found a babysitter for you?

  • 6

    I will try very hard to come and have dinner at your house if I was able to.

  • 7

    If I am you, I should work very hard so that I could earn more money.

  • 8

    Were you able to lend me some money if I promise you that you will get it back very soon?

  • 9

    If you really want to be helpful, then you had to tell me the truth.

  • 10

    If I try very hard, I would have been able to stop smoking.

Author: Alan Townend