Conference Advice

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Being a delegate at conferences and other gatherings is a valuable opportunity whether or not you present a ......

  • 2

    At such events, you will get an accurate ..... of the current direction of the industry.

  • 3

    And if you are scheduled to give a talk, you will gain increased ......

  • 4

    Actually, it is not very important for you to attend any of the ..... exhibitions.

  • 5

    In order for you to be ..... into your industry and its market, it is important for you to go to such events.

  • 6

    The importance of conferences is not the seminars or workshops, but the refreshment breaks and chatting at the bar after the day is ......

  • 7

    The key feature of a conference is the chance to meet those whom you would not ..... have met.

  • 8

    Be sure to carry your business cards, and do not hesitate to ..... cards with anyone you meet.

  • 9

    And finally: do not forget to enjoy your host city: conference information packages often ..... nearby attractions and sightseeing opportunities.

  • 10

    Well ahead of time, however, you should plan a balance of scheduled conference activities and events that ..... your needs.

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